Monday, September 20, 2010


So what am I up to sewing wise?

You know... I used to say I didn't like applique. I've made a few large applique blocks but I've never felt good about my finished efforts. My most recent applique attempt were the cushions that I made earlier this year from Mrs. Furui's book. You may remember how I complained of my sore fingers and returned the book to her saying I probably wouldn't be doing applique again for a long time.

This summer at the Long Beach Quilt Festival I watched someone do applique for a few minutes and was so amazed at the ease and perfection of her pieces. And Takumi jumped right in and bought her applique kit for me. Also at the LBQF I purchased an applique sheet and Takumi bought me a circle cutter. And just before leaving the States I went to JoAnn's and bought a craft iron for 40% off. With all these tools I should be ready to do applique again! (I'd BETTER do applique again with the money put into it!)

This week I came home from Thursday patchwork with directions to APPLIQUE leaves and circles on Mrs. Yamaguchi block for our block exchange. ( I had her in mind when I saw the circle cutter.)

Okay. Get out ALL the tools and see what you can do, Tanya.

Freezer paper? Ready. Make sure to shrink the paper first. A-OK. Iron two pieces together. DONE! Cut out paper templates. First step completed.

Cut out leaves. Good. Iron on template. Yes. Clip curves and dab IRONING STARCH around the edges. This is a new one to me but okay. Using the craft iron, iron edges around template using the stiletto to guide the edges. BE CAREFUL! THAT IRON IS AS HOT AS A SOLDERING IRON! Ah, a perfect leaf!

Cut out circles with the circle cutter. Hey, that's not so hard! Sew in a gathering thread and starch as above. Wow! A perfect circle!

Glue baste to background. Applique using straw needles (and the needle threading gadget and the thread heaven conditioner.)

Oh my gosh! This is fun! And it looks good too!

You have to have the right tools...

I think I can honestly say I like applique.

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