Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pot luck

Yesterday we had a pot luck at our church. (Our church building was built 7 years ago and many of us stayed after the service to celebrate.) Do you want to see what sort of things are brought to a Japanese pot luck?

Here's the main table spread out.

In the foreground you can see sticky rice balls covered in sweet bean paste. These are called Ohagi.

And behind those are a mixed rice dish, white rice, and rice with red beans. And another type of ohagi with the bean paste spread on the rice. (Tetsu's favorite.)

Down the way a bit were some grilled chicken wings and a salad of seaweed, okra and slimy potatoes.

I brought scalloped potatoes (no recipe... added chicken, broccoli and mushrooms.) and someone brought a wonderful corn soup that we ate out of paper cups. I seemed to have missed capturing a tomato chicken dish...

There were sandwiches (jam and potato salad) and huge grapes that need to be peeled to eat.

Someone brought Oden which are various fish cakes and vegetables simmered for a long time in fish broth. A few hard boiled eggs in there too I see.

Some meat and potato croquettes we ordered from the supermarket.

For dessert there was a sponge cake someone had baked and a fruit yogurt dish. Sorry I didn't get pictures of those but last but not least rice dumplings in a sweet bean soup.

Hmm. We seemed to have a lot of sweet beans and potatoes at our pot luck. No casseroles as most people don't use an oven. Could have been planned better (I was on the planning committee. "Please bring something.")

I came home very full and didn't need dinner!

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