Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm a world traveler!

This weekend I made numerous stops in Egypt, France, New York, Germany etc. etc. Around the world in two hours!

On Friday, Lorraine and I had a free afternoon and so I decided to take her to a theme park not too far from me which I have really enjoyed. It is somewhat educational and sort of fun to see different architectural structures of the world. Not some place that I would go to alone, but if someone is here from out of town it seems like a nice place to visit.

Let's see. We visited Paris and the Eiffel tower.

Then made a quick stop at the Vatican.

Saw a beautiful castle in Germany.

And said hello to the Sphinx in Egypt.

Hey, I think I could climb a pyramid this size!

Lorraine made a jaunt up to the Great Wall of China.

And visited one of the famous temples of Japan. (She'd visited this one in person too.)

And while in Japan we visited one of the castles.

A quick stop at the Colosseum.

And we paid our respects to the Twin Towers in New York.

There was lots more to see and though it was a cold day Lorraine and I wandered around taking pictures for a couple of hours.

We marveled at the billions of tiny people placed in city scenes and scenic areas. It was amazing to see all the well manicured "grounds" at each of the world's architectures all trimmed back like miniature bonsai.

Some workers had their blueprints out and were putting some final touches on Japan's Tokyo Sky Tree that will grace the Tokyo skyline from 2012.

Well, I may never get to all these places for real but I can let my imagination take me anywhere!

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