Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Morning!

Every morning I wake up and this is what I see...

For one, I see very little when I don't have my contacts in. Sometimes a cat nose practically touching mine. Certainly pillow case patterns with lots of color. I don't even see the alarm clock very well and I grope around for that and bring it into focus too. From my position on the floor (Japanese futon you know) and looking up, every morning this quilt blurrily greets me.

This is a braid quilt and I remember spending a lot of time setting out the scraps to make the colors and gradations fade just right. One strip is trying to be blue, one strip green, two are pink strips I think, two are trying to be brown or yellow. I remember holding a piece of red cellophane up to my face trying to wash out the colors and concentrate only on the gradations and color values.

I made this before my machine piecing days and I sewed the pieces by hand and shifted them around here and there. When auditioning all the colors and scraps I made a lot more pieces that didn't get used in this quilt and so they now sit in a box... I wonder if I'll ever make anything from them. No label as usual... sigh. I must have made this back when the kids were in kindergarten.

With a few of the pieces I did rouse enough creativity to make a cover for my Bible. It is looking pretty worn these days so maybe I should use my extra pieces and fashion another one...

Good morning, world! You are beautiful, blurry and all!

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