Thursday, April 8, 2010


I haven't been too faithful about visiting the sewing room, but last week I did put together another applique block this time using Sharon Schambler's method of applique (cut fabric to size but instead of fusing, use glue). It went way faster and easier but it doesn't give the hand made look of folded under edges. When it is quilted the difference isn't so obvious.

I chose a block from the Hop To It book again and am following the directions for making a cushion. Rats, my block choice seems to have gotten lost under the border (I'm also making another cushion with the first applique block I'd made so they have to have the same border...) These things happen...

I was planning to do meandering quilting around the applique but it was getting so complicated that I took that all out. Maybe I'll leave the center this way... And I'm trying sashiko quilting on the back of the cushion which seems like a waste but I wanted to try my hand again.

I sure would like to finish two cushions this weekend but I think I've got a busy schedule and won't be able to get back to this for awhile...

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