Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend activities

Tetsu and I are still making the rounds of recycle shops. Tetsu absolutely hates shopping BUT he loves recycle shops. Maybe even more than I do! He says he feels like he is on a treasure hunt and never knows what may be hidden away on the shelves and racks. In the department stores he knows to go to his size rack and that is that...BORING!! Everything is right there and everything is expensive. But in the recycle shop he has to LOOK and occasionally he finds something in his size that only costs a piddling amount.

While Tetsu went through the racks of men's clothing I stayed in the kimono section. There is almost NOTHING that I can wear in the women's section of a recycle shop. Everything is too small! (Or I am too big....) So it is a waste of my time to look at clothing. But since I've been helping a blog friend look for a kimono I've been in seventh heaven. Look what I found the other day and bought for my friend!

This is a little boy's ceremonial kimono. I just love the castle and samurai helmets on the kimono back. It has a couple inner kimonos too so at whatever price I bought it, I thought it a real bargain. (and even contemplated keeping it around for someday grandchildren of my own... but since neither of my children are married I'd really be jumping the gun!)

And this weekend was Setsubun, a holiday associated with the beginning of spring. I have no reason why but these beautiful little Japanese sweets were being sold in the supermarket in honor of Setsubun so I bought a set for Tetsu's mother. Let's see... a treasure boat on the left, a spinning top in the center and a nightingale in a plum tree on the right. Tetsu' mother decided not to eat them (they are made of candied jellies) and will leave them on her table as a decoration...

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