Saturday, February 4, 2012

Choco time

I decided that I should be fair and give Choco some blog time.

Because it is so cold outside I've been feeling sorry for Choco out in the yard. When I'm not home during the day she just has to bear with the cold and sleep on the blankets we've left out for her (that she has ripped to shreds.) But this week I decided to let her in the house when I didn't have children around. Choco can hold it together when the ladies come for English (if she is in her kennel) but she comes completely undone when children enter the house!

Okay, lock the door to make sure nobody steps into the house unannounced (that has happened! A child came for English on a no-English day an met Choco head on. No blood but a very scared child!)

Slip Choco's leash under an armchair leg otherwise Choco will wander around the house staring at cats and getting into their litter box and waste baskets. Such a nosy dog.

"Now, SIT quietly and be grateful that you are not out in the cold and not shut in your kennel."

A few jumps and starts at passing cats (the cats know they have the upper hand over Choco) and finally quiet. Too quiet.

Ah ha! An interloper! She knows that she is not supposed to be up on the chair.

"Maybe Mom won't notice..."

Ah well. An old armchair, a fraying chair cover. Why not?... If Choco doesn't claim the chair then the cats will.

"Inconsistency on the part of the dog trainer will only lead to an untrained dog"

I know... There are times when Choco drives me crazy and times when I want her to have the same privileges as the cats...

Despite her many behavior issues, we do love her.

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