Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Joy to the World

Yesterday I was at the kindergarten for the Christmas program's dress rehearsal. I've shown similar pictures in previous years but I'll show some again. The eldest class, (age 5) are dressed in robes and hold lighted candles throughout the service. The Mothers' Choir sings softly throughout the service, the younger children carry penlights... After the Candle Service, the children perform songs and the finale is a Christmas pageant. The kindergarten's program will be this Sunday.

My blog friends know Mrs. Furui as my patchwork mentor but you don't know that she has also led the kindergarten's Mothers' Choir for more than 20 years (and tried to get me involved but I'm not much of a groupie...) And the wonderful pianist is Mrs. Takagishi, another patchwork group member (pssst... you've known her as our "least confident patchwork member".) Mrs. Takagishi accompanies the Mother's Choir and also teaches Rhythm and Music to the kindergarten children.

Now... will this video upload today?

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