Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Knitting and piecing

Now that I am done with Tetsu's Christmas vest I am back to doing random handwork. I took my four tree blocks to Mrs. Furui last week and in exchange she gave me another set of templates for another tree block.

"Since you're already finished..."

No deadline on the new block but without knitting to do I got it put together in time to hand it to her yesterday. It was almost like she was expecting it!

"Since you're already finished..."

and she handed me ANOTHER set of templates! Such a slave driver!!!

(I know that Mrs. Furui never cajoles, never pushes, never manipulates. That's why I love making things with her. And she is such a whiz about making those templates! I would never think of complaining about the homework I get from her when she is the one that does the hard work.)

I have also been knitting! Just when I get one set of needles put away I pull out another set!

This time I am making a scarf for Leiya. (Sorry Leiya, I'm blowing the surprise.) I really liked this variegated yarn that was fluffy in parts and smooth in other parts.

I found a nice pattern called Directional Scarf on the Lion's Yarn website, (I think you have to be a member of the site but it is free to join.) This isn't difficult and it is interesting.

And don't you like my little knitting needles? I found these in some yarn shop nearby and though I have the same size knitting needles the birds make me smile. (I also bought sheep needles in a different size). Talk about collecting things that one doesn't really need!

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