Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's activities

Yesterday I was at patchwork again but didn't have such a successful day. I had promised to make some Pineapple blocks for Mrs. Harada but the first one I made was too small. I made the second and third one by hand. And then someone suggested I do the blocks paper piecing so I spent quite a lot of time measuring (not my forte) and making a paper piecing pattern. I perforated the paper with the sewing machine unthreaded and yesterday at Mrs. Furui's house I tried sewing. The sewing is so much easier! The block looks beautiful! BUT IT WAS TOO BIG!!!! I give up! I handed all the blocks, small and large, to Mrs. Harada and told her she could use what she liked and thow away the rest. I AM NOT MAKING ANY MORE PINEAPPLE BLOCKS! (I see that I was so disgusted that I didn't even take any pictures.)

On the other hand, Mrs. Harada made me four more star blocks (and hers were all the right size!) and now I need to decide what to do with all my blocks. Mrs. Furui did some measuring and I sat on the floor trying to arrange paper squares into a pleasing pattern. I can see how having the Electric quilt might be helpful. I will be playing with my squares for the next few days.

As a group, all my friends and I sat around trying to decide on a quilt pattern for NEXT YEAR'S bazaar. This year's bazaar will be held tomorrow and our tree quilt be raffled off. I'll try to take pictures of that event tomorrow. The quilt raffle is always the highlight of the bazaar and hopefully people will be surprised and pleased at this year's contribution. But next year's quilt? We poured over Mrs. Furui's books and made suggestions. A Christmas quilt? A house quilt? How about a simple Nine-patch? Grandmother's Fan quilt? We never did make any decisions which is surprising and a shame. Usually we have a line up of quilts we want to make but this year we seem to be running out of ideas. I'll spend some time on the computer looking for patterns too.

And in the evening I had my group of boys come for Halloween crafts. ARGGHH! These boys don't get along well even normally (Y-kun causes a lot of annoyance and bickering) but last night they were at their peak arguing about who was copying whose idea, who should go first, who had taken whose scissors etc. By the end of the hour I was wide eyed and panting! But I guess they all went home happy with their Halloween cats so maybe that is all that matters. A night like that though makes me want to stop being an English teacher!!!!

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