Monday, March 29, 2010


It snowed yesterday! Again... And even when it doesn't snow, it is cold around here!

I took my camera on a walk yesterday morning and the fields were dusted and the air was filled with snowflakes. I'm ready for spring!

House in 2007

House in 2010

Tetsu and I went past this old house and though I see it daily it did seem to me that it was falling more and more into disrepair. I checked back to blog posts three years ago and yes, here is this house in its better days, but not much better. Tetsu thinks the house will stand another year or so just because it is leaning on a bunch of trees... I think one good earthquake or typhoon and it is gone.

This is the house where the man fell into the well and managed to live a week one winter. I probably walked past him a few times and never noticed him down there... (The well has since been filled in.)

Tetsu and I wonder if the herons are late coming back this year or if they've decided to move someplace else. There are a few around but nothing compared to the air congestion that went on last year. But I found a heron egg along my walk route. Heron eggs are pale blue and about the size of a chicken egg. I don't know if they fall out of the nests or if the crows carry them off but occasionally there will be heron eggs along the road.

And I also found a bird's nest on the ground. (but definitely not a heron's nest. They are huge!) It must have gotten blown out of the tree in one of the storms. I don't know what bird made it, but God sure did give it the instinct to weave something perfect.

Saw a beautiful iridescent pheasant too but he ran off before I could take a picture.

I feel like I'm on a treasure hunt every time I go for a walk.

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