Sunday, February 21, 2010


I was EXHAUSTED yesterday after spend an hour at a training gym. I am definitely NOT a sports person.

Our little town recently built a multi-million dollar community center and gymnasium facility. One branch of the facility has conference rooms and classrooms and health related rooms, the other branch has a large gymnasium with multiple basketball courts and showers and a body building training room.

In order to use this very nice training room, the residents of Nikko must take an hour seminar to learn how to properly use the equipment. Last week Tetsu and I made reservations for the seminar and had a guided tour along with 10 other people. According to the reservations director we were come 10 minutes before that appointed time (in order to have our blood pressure taken and recorded) and to wear clothing that was "easy to move around in". Tetsu and I went in jeans which is the easiest clothing I have in my closet but we weren't allowed to use their machines that night because we weren't in "gym" clothing... Frown, frown. Not only Mr. Kokubo has to obey the dress codes...

So after church yesterday Tetsu bought me some gym clothes.... And then we went to the training room and played around on all their machines. Walking on their tread mill. Rowing. Step climbing. Elliptical machine (I don't think that's the right spelling but I don't know where to check...) Bicycling. Abs machine... More machines that I don't even know what they were supposed to be doing but I tried them all.

By the time we were finished I wanted to go to bed! But being hot and sweaty Tetsu wanted to go to the pool (on the other side of town) and sit in the sauna awhile... And the pool does have a nice hot bath and jacuzzi so we spent an hour there too. THEN I came home to collapse and get nothing else done for the rest of the evening!

I don't think I'm going to be a regular visitor to the training center... But I've got the gym clothes in case Tetsu invites me to join him again... Come to think of it, he was the one who suggested we join the swimming pool and I go far more often than he does! I don't think he'll get to the training center much either....

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