Saturday, July 7, 2012

On the mend


I'm back.

I crashed out since Wednesday night and moaned and groaned a lot with a stomach flu of sorts. I'm such a wimp. Tetsu came to my rescue, took off time from work, was a fantastic nurse and I kept thinking,

"If he was in this condition, could I nurse him without just making him annoyed?"

Probably not. I've never been good around sick people though after being on the weak end I wish I could get my compassion skills up to par.

I missed English classes. I missed a luncheon. I missed a patchwork gathering and a trip to a fabric shop with friends during a sale. The computer stayed closed for three days, Choco didn't get walked. I ate mostly frozen sherbets which was the only thing I could keep down (and Tetsu filled the freezer with enough sherbet to last us a couple months).

I spent much of my bed-time making lists of what needs to get done this week... and bemoaning the fact that I've been procrastinating. Tetsu and I are headed to the States next Sunday and the house has to be cleaned (people coming in to take care of the cats), arrangements made for various people to take over my duties at the crosswalk and as the neighborhood block leader. The only positive thought for three days while I was laid up was that it was THIS week and not NEXT when Tetsu and I are supposed to be on an airplane.

I sure hope I didn't give the bug to Tetsu... This week I'll have to keep him healthy and treat him good. He's done enough for me for awhile.

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