Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Our bathroom mirror/sink/cabinet broke last night. I put something down too hard in the cabinet and it came off the wall. That goes to show how (non) sturdy that cabinet was! Tetsu was in the middle of a sports show on TV and I hated to pull him away and have to explain how I managed to break the cabinet, but then again, how long could I stand there holding it up with one hand while I desperately removed make-up and lotions and toothbrushes and shavers from the little shelves.

(Our cabinet in better days with stuff in the shelves.)

And even with all the stuff off of the cabinet, I still stood there foolishly trying to think up a good way to remove myself from the situation without the whole caboodle coming crashing to the floor.

"Hmmm. I could stay here for another 30 minutes until the TV program is finished... but Tetsu will be asleep on the sofa by then."

With a lot of acrobatic maneuvering I finally grabbed a roller mop within reaching distance (still holding the cabinet up against the wall) and then proceeded to figure out how it could be used as a prop. Roller mops roll around the sink. After wedging the mop handle against the towel rack and praying that the whole thing didn't slip while I was out of range, I toodled into the living room and nonchalantly mentioned to Tetsu that the bathroom mirror/sink/cabinet was broken and could he come and look at it.

Tetsu jumped to his feet and came to have a look.

"How did that happen?"

"I put something down too hard?"

"Well, it's been getting shakey for awhile now. It was bound to happen."

Good-bye to the sports show. The two of us removed light bulbs and poked around with screwdrivers and pliers.

"Well, it can't be fixed tonight. I'll see if I can buy some butterfly screws tomorrow."

Tetsu TIED the cabinet to the laundry pole. I sure hope he can get it fixed soon. I spent a lot of time this morning looking for my contact lenses, toothbrush, hairbrush and make-up amongst the stuff I'd piled on the washing machine, towel rack, hamper and even stairway.

A non-sturdy cabinet is better than no cabinet at all.

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