Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sewing room work

I spent a lot of time getting my sewing fix yesterday! It sure feels good to get things accomplished!

I have finished quilting Mrs. Furui's applique medallion quilt. I'm leaving the binding for her to do so this isn't considered a finish yet. Hopefully we will get it photographed in one piece before she takes it to the hospital. This was a learning project for me... I've never done crosshatching on the machine, I've never done such extensive meandering. I probably should have thought of something more striking than stitch in the ditch for the pieced borders but I was getting tired. Mrs. Furui did an excellent job of basting so the quilt moved not an smidgen. Still... all in all this took a lot more time than I had expected it would. I was hoping for a three day project and this took nearly three weeks. Of course a lot of time was wasted while I pondered what I should do on the next rounds etc...

And I put together a small baby quilt in the remaining afternoon. I have wanted to do this quilt for a long time and I first saw it on Sew Create It's blog and followed her link to the tutorial on Bee Square's blog. This went EXTREMELY fast and was a lot of fun to do. I may put on a border still if I find any time this weekend...

Chip approves!

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