Monday, April 23, 2012

Last cherry blossoms

I guess this will be the last of cherry blossom pictures. Tetsu took me a bit north to catch the tail end of cherry blossoms. With no specific destination in mind we stopped here and there to catch the sights.

Actually not too many cherry blossoms at the first place. A big rock.

And a split rock near the entrance of a cave. The decorative "rope" is often seen at Japanese shrines and there is a whole ceremony involved with making them and attaching them to shrine doors and gates. My model doesn't look very happy, does he.

A statue of some god guarding a cave.

And a small dark shrine inside decorated with bunches of folded cranes. I'm not sure what one is supposed to worship here but there was an offering box and some little stone statues in the back too. My camera picks up the light pretty well. I could hardly see anything when I went back there.

Okay. On to a park with cherry blossoms.

Hmm. Just playing around with my camera. Here is a shot of the park in regular mode.

And here is a shot of the park in diorama mode. What do you think? The diorama mode is kind of fun... It makes everything look like one is looking at a model of an area.

A short rest on a kitty bench!

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