Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Leiya post

I was chatting with Leiya the other day and complaining that she never sends us any pictures.

"I am still waiting for pictures from Christmas!"

"Well Mom, if you would go to Facebook you could see some pictures."

It seems that it is my fault.

So I went to Facebook and I find picture after picture! Hmm. I guess I really am missing out on things by not using Facebook. But I spend too much time on this computer anyway.

Today's post is for Tetsu because when I showed him Facebook he wanted me to post Leiya's pictures on my blog so that HE can take them OFF my blog and put them in his computer at work. (There is a limit to what Tetsu knows how to do on the computer... He doesnt' know how to visit Facebook.)

Here is Leiya doing something in class... or maybe it is a meeting... I guess getting up in front of people doesn't make her nervous (unlike her mother).

This year (and hopefully next year) Leiya has been vice president of an international student organization. I think the students were dressing up in traditional garb and parading in to some event. Hey, Leiya has a yukata (cotton kimono)! I don't remember giving it to her but it must have been me. Let's see... Has she got that on right. Looks pretty good.

This must have been a similar flag bearing event and Leiya was running out of traditional garb. She is wearing her kendo (bamboo sword martial art) outfit that she used in jr. high school. She was quite good in kendo when she lived in Japan. I wonder what her kendo teacher would think seeing her wearing it with those long, dangly, pierced-earrings. Earrings are a no-no in martial arts (or for that matter even when wearing traditional kimono.)

This picture made Tetsu laugh.

"That's the Leiya I know!"

Sort of goofy. Always with a big smile. Tetsu's pride and joy.

Anyway, it is nice for Tetsu and me to see pictures of Leiya and we are happy that she seems so happy at college.

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