Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New shoes

Yesterday I got the insole for my shoe to help my bunions... bunion... whatever is wrong with my foot... Innocuous looking thing that cost a bundle (but supposedly insurance will reimburse some percentage at some point.) Two weeks ago I had bought a new pair of shoes on advice from my doctor, brought them to his office, let the orthotics technician take measurements and molds of my foot and new shoes and last night I went for a fitting. The doctor put the insole in the shoe, told me to try them on, zip up the sides (zip on shoes are easier to get into) and...


The dumb zipper broke!!! My new (two week old) shoes! ...for which I had been fitted.

"You'd better go and complain to the store about that." was the doctor's advice, so I did.

I expected some hassles at the shoe store because I had no proof I'd bought the shoes at this particular store, and I had worked myself into a huff by the time I drove into the parking lot.

"I'm going to ask for the manager, I'm going to complain, and if he won't do anything then I'm going to ask for information so that I can write a letter and rant at the brand manufacturer!"

I went into my long rigmarole story of WHY I had bought these shoes at this store, WHY I needed these exact shoes and WHY I didn't have the receipt. (Not to mention WHY the shoes were so dirty though I'd only had them two weeks (walking everyday with Choco in the rice fields and forest.)

The store people were extremely nice in the face of my agitated explanation. They checked their computer system and together we pinpointed down what day and what time I had bought these shoes at their store. (I didn't know they could do that!) They gave me a new pair of shoes and I was able to walk out of the store with the new insole in place. All that unnecessary elevated blood pressure!

Now to see how effective the insole and new shoes are!

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