Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have bunions. My mother has bunions. I look at my mother's feet and see myself 30 years from now.

I don't remember when my own bunions first made their appearance but there they are. The good thing has been that no matter how ugly my feet look, the bunions haven't been painful. Until recently.

Recently I've been limping around... But not because of my bunions... I thought. Other places on my foot hurt but the doctor said that that is the RESULT of bunions. And maybe the result of last year's knee surgery. Sigh...

The first doctor I went to gave me plasters. I have always thought of plasters as placebos that the Japanese doctors give their patients to keep them quiet. I went to another doctor. And he recommended insoles... This does not seem like a long lasting treatment but when I asked about bunion surgery he thought I was a little off.

"Who WANTS surgery? Learn to live with your bunions!"

I find these stupid bunions harder on my psyche than on my feet.

Am I going to end up like my mother? (Probably.) Am I going to have to give up walking? (I'm already decreasing my walking time with Choco.) With even less exercise I'm going to end up fat and dumpy. (I guess I'll try to swim more...)

This is not a big problem... I'm going to take my doctor's advice and learn to live with my bunions... But I feel old and ugly, and the dumb bunions have put me in a sort of funk this week...

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