Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This week I had to take Choco to the vet for a shot. Choco loves going for a drive though she sheds so much that I don't take her out often. And she bats at me unless I tie her in the back, so it is dangerous to have her in the car. (Choco always has been and probably always will be a hyperactive dog.)

Here she is behind me with her ears flapping out the window. (Yes, we drive on the opposite side in Japan, and yes, I was at a stop sign when I took this picture.)

Of course, Choco isn't too fond of the vet but that visit went quickly. On the way home I stopped at the bakery and bought a sandwich and a loaf of blueberry yogurt bread for the next day's breakfast.

A little further along I stopped at the pool and hid my sandwich and loaf of bread under the car seat, told Choco we would go for a long walk when I got back and then went for an hour's swim.

After swimming I took my sandwich and Choco and we went exploring the park where the pool is located. A lovely benched in area with stained glass windows...

"Choco, stay while I take your picture... Good dog!"

Not many people out that day...

Choco and I wandered around with her on a heel next to me. The few people that we met would smile and point.

"Look at that well-behaved dog."

"See the doggie? Isn't she a good doggie?"

Choco and I proudly walked around with her doing her best to imitate a show dog.

"Such a good dog today, Choco. I think you deserve some chicken nuggets. Wait here while I buy you some."

Choco ate her chicken nuggets while I had my sandwich. After lunch we took a walk along the wooded trails. Perfectly behaved dog.

"You were such a good dog today, Choco. We'll have to do this again."

When we got home I pawed around under the seat for my loaf of blueberry yogurt bread. Blueberry yogurt bread? Where is my blueberry yogurt bread? There is a wrapper with blueberries stuck on it...


So much for 'well-behaved dog'.

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