Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lake Chuzenji and Senjogahara

Some scenery pictures today. Tetsu and I went up to Lake Chuzenji which is a famous resort area in Japan. It wasn't cold but I wore my down jacket anyway.

Lake Chuzenji is only 30 minutes from our house but getting to it entails going up a winding mountain road, also famous in Japan. I posted about that before here, and you can see some some fantastic professional photographs of the curvy road up the mountain on that past post.

Because the autumn season is so popular it is hard to beat the traffic up the mountain so Tetsu and I left a bit before 6:00 am. We drove up to a point overlooking the lake and then spent two hours walking around the moors of the area.

At 7:00 there were only the hard-nosed hikers and photographers out, but by 9:00 there were busloads and busloads of people!

Farther up the mountain past other lakes and waterfalls, there was a "Phantom Lake" which appeared in the Senjo Moor about a month ago. Normally this area is a moor, not a lake, but what with all the rain and typhoons in September a lake appears every few years. (Not every year.)

This is what everyone was out to see and photograph!

Most hikers were carrying huge telescopic lens cameras and were climbing up the side of the hill to get a good shot. The lone white birch there is a particularly loved landmark called the Noblewoman who stands alone on the misty moor.

This was the best I could do with my little Sony Cyber-shot. Still, not bad!

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