Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer flimsy

We have our first flimsy of the summer! I put together Marcy's baby quilt last night. She wanted the baby's name on it and this was the layout Marcy chose. And then while she wasn't looking I made a few hearts to set in.... I told her,

"If you want more hearts I will teach you how but that's it for me today!"

She didn't want more hearts.

This has turned out larger than we had figured so the backing that Marcy bought is not enough. Rats. That means another trip to the fabric store to buy more fabric. And I also need to make a decision about quilting this... Machine or hand? Stitch in the Ditch or some motif? (I don't like doing overall quilting patterns...)

Of course I could just hand it all to Marcy and she could quilt it... That might take awhile... Hey, I'm a quilter. Every summer I quilt for my sister-in-law. AND LOVE IT! (and her!)

Family pictures, family pictures.

Takumi and his girlfriend Bianca, and Bianca's dog came visiting the other day. I love the way the animals all mingle as well as the people. People bring their pets when they visit and everyone gets along.

The other day we were all driving down the freeway when we pulled up alongside a BATMAN car! How cool is that!

"Quick! Get the camera!"

My brother had to pass the car and fall back a couple of times before Kiana snapped this picture for me. It looked like a few other cars were doing the same. Lots of passing cars had cell phone cameras pressed against the windows. You never know what you are going to see in Southern California! Gotta keep my camera handy!

And another Grandma and me picture. Grandma keeps us laughing with her odd comments. She was referring to this one of my jowly face trying to read.

"Is that a chicken in that picture?

Excuse me? That is ME in that picture.

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