Monday, July 25, 2011

Southern California scenery

It seems like we are always running around but not really getting much done. I have discovered that I am an antsy type of person and the lazy days of Southern California have me foot tapping.

"Are we going somewhere or not? We said we are but here we all sit waiting for something or someone."

Maybe I am not as flexible as I used to be. Or maybe I have just gotten used to my just doing my own thing all the time in Japan and at a drop of a hat I can change my plans or rush off where I like. Or maybe this is a Japanese/American difference and I have adapted more to Japanese time. Or maybe I am a rushy type of person because Tetsu does never suffered delays easily... Leiya and Takumi's advice to me is:

"Just relax Tanya-san. Things will work out."


I went up into the hills this morning and captured my annual "Scenery from Southern California" picture. Old visitors to this blog will say "I've seen that same picture four years in a row!" but I love the view from up above the hills in the early morning. My brother's house is somewhere directly under the sun... The dried flowers look the same. Even the clouds look the same!

I made the jaunt up the hill with wonder that merely 6 weeks ago I was having knee surgery. Thank You, Lord that You've have healed this knee! Daily I am guiding Grandma and her walker, carrying extra things for her, boosting Grandma and myself into my brother's large car (they call it the Lganbus), climbing over the baby gates (it keeps the animals off of the new carpet) walking the shopping malls for hours! If my knee wasn't in shape I'd sure be limited!

Thank You again dear Lord!!

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