Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let's get going!

I am OFF to the Long Beach Quilt Show this morning! I have been up since before 6:00 and am raring to go but the rest of the family is still asleep at 8:00 (the current time.) Do you think I should go shake some shoulders? Not like anything is going to run away before I get to Long Beach but still.... Let's get going!!!

I don't plan to buy much (yeah, yeah, that's what we all say.) But I'm going to be keeping my eye out for a strange looking thimble called an Aunt Betsy or Aunt Becky or something. Kits are always so tempting but I veered away from buying those last year because you really only use them once... books are probably more useful throughout the year. Fabrics? Well, I'll have to look. And of course the main purpose is to see the quilts but that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of looking at all the neat booths!

Anyway it is Marcy and Leiya and me heading down to Long Beach to meet Takumi and Bianca. (Kiana took off yesterday for a high school group trip to Europe!) I'll have a quilt show report tomorrow.

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