Saturday, July 23, 2011

Leiya's here!

Leiya came in last night! Well, actually she came in the night before and Takumi picked her up at LAX and took her back to his apartment. I expected them to come yesterday morning but we waited and waited and texted and called and finally my children rolled in around 5:00. Well! Not too anxious to see good ol' Mom I guess!

The only big change with Leiya is that she has cut off all her pretty long hair. She's had it long for 8 or 10 years. But the general consensus of the family is that short hair suits her so she is looking good.

I whipped my children off to the bank before it closed at 6:00 because I wanted to put at least one of them on my account. The Japanese earthquake and radiation scare has made me think that a joint account, one that the kids could get into if I couldn't, would be the smartest thing for our family.

And in the evening we went off to a street fair and I bought Leiya a birthday present (tomorrow). Takumi and Bianca strolled around holding hands...

We are all lazing around the house catching up on the past year!

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