Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family and trees

I guess just family news today.

Takumi has been playing his bass guitar so much that now he's decided he might like to play folk guitar too and has taken up practicing with my brother's guitar. We had a mini-jam session in Grandma's kitchen with me teaching rudimentary chords. And last night Takumi went out and bought his own guitar so I suppose most of his summer will be spent practicing one of his new instruments.

Marcy and Kiana and I took Leiya out shopping and one of the things we bought her was this cute jumpsuit. It was on the 70% off rack and we all said "CUTE!" But Leiya thought it a good pajama while Marcy, Kiana, Grandma and I thought it a cute going out outfit (especially with those heels!) Keion (my brother) came home and said

"Nice pajamas, Leiya."

Do those look like pajamas? I guess she'll wear them where she wants when she gets back to Ohio.

Grandma and I went off visiting a friend of hers yesterday and on the way got waylaid watching some workers trim the palm trees.

Yeah, I guess when a person thinks of Southern California they think of palm trees and we do have a lot of them around here.

When left untrimmed palm trees get long and shaggy and look like they are wearing a fur trimmed stole. They look much better after they are trimmed. But it sure takes a lot of work to trim a palm tree!!! The freeway entrance had to be closed down as the workers rained palm tree debris on the street below. Can you see that there are THREE workers there on the palm trees? (The third one is right up amongst the branches on the right.)

And visiting Grandma's friend (92) with Grandma (90) was a little like talking to two faltering tape recorders. Makes me sleepy! Both machines get stuck on different thoughts and a 15 minute visit gets the same two or three phrases over and over and over again.

"Yep. These days I just live one day at a time."

"Well, I'm grateful for my health, sure thing..."

But Mrs. A still lives alone so she must be doing something right!

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