Saturday, February 26, 2011

Better end of the deal

I chatted briefly with Leiya this morning.

"What's new with you?" she asked.

Not much since I've been in hibernation the past three days. That cold just might have been the flu, I didn't go back to the doctor's to find out and I huddled under the covers with cats all over me the whole time.

Saturday Tetsu was home and while I slept he spent the whole dang day cleaning for me. EVERYTHING is in order! Even the stamps on my desk! He shows his love by cleaning. And he cooked dinner last night too. (Curry... Not too great a choice for an irritable stomach but it is the thought that counts.)

My comment to Leiya was "you should find a husband so loving someday."

I am a terrible nurse. Whenever Tetsu gets sick the first words out of my mouth are

"Well, the way you take care of yourself it's no wonder you are sick."

and I'm not good with listening to health complaints either. I don't know why I got the good end of such a deal. Pampered is right! Okay... I'm finished with the mush but let it stand that I appreciate my husband.

When I'm perking again I should fix Tetsu a great meal. Trouble is I'm not only a lousy nurse, I'm a lousy cook too.

I could dedicate my next quilt to him...

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