Thursday, January 20, 2011

Patchwork kits

Yesterday I ended up with a mostly free day (I love those!) and did some preparation work for my friends. I have three friends who are going to work on some blocks (at my request). None of them are quilters, thus none of them have a large supply of fabric. THAT'S okay as I have enough fabric for all of us so I started making patterns, bias tape, choosing fabric and making applique pieces. It actually took all morning to make up three kits and I didn't get too much done myself.

I don't really see the joy in kits. I think I've bought one kit in my lifetime and though it turned out nicely, I never felt that it was really my creation... even with all the time put in! Part of the fun of doing patchwork is choosing the fabrics but a lot of people get hung up at that point.

My advice is to "choose three or four fabrics and start cutting!" Patchwork almost always looks better made up and I don't really think I've ever seen an ugly quilt. (I know, there are some that end up in the ugly quilt competition but even there the owners got some fun out of it!)

Many first time quilters agonize over matching colors or patterns. I don't remember if I started out that way or not... The only thing I do remember from a long ago piecing session with a teacher, was to try to mix large designs and small designs (I had a vague idea that patchwork was only small print florals).

Anyway I have made up my kits and will go deliver them today. I had fun choosing fabrics and I have a bounty to chose FROM!

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