Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Junk, trash, garbage and crumbs

I'm in a "throwing away" mood. Do you ever get that way? I probably should have these moods more frequently and then I wouldn't accumulate so much junk but usually I go along collecting and once in a blue moon I decide I can live without all this stuff. If I need it again I'm not so poor as I can't go buy it again and so things are getting tossed. Old CDs, old sweaters and mufflers, a couple old stuffed animals, lots of empty notebooks, unused English material, hand-me-down dishware. While I toss I occasionally feel guilty, but once a year or so all this stuff just makes me feel constipated!

Right now all of the junk is still in wastepaper baskets so I hope my will holds through tomorrow when the garbage goes out. (Sometimes I rethink and drag stuff back out of the wastepaper baskets.) And yes, I did do a little trashing in my sewing room too... A little. Bent and dull needles, one pin cushion that had rusted pins in it...some of the crumbs (and I really mean crumbs! 1/2 inch triangles?) in the overflowing crumb basket.

"Why are you saving those when you have drawers of fabric, Tanya!"

Unfortunately even with a toss-a-thon there isn't a big difference in how my house looks... I can still look at drawers and shelves and see stuff I haven't used in years... but can't throw out...

Oh, and I DO NOT throw out anything of Tetsu's. Years ago I learned the hard way that he does not appreciate my judgement on the necessity of his things. So if you come to my house and see a lot of junk, please assume it belongs to my better half...

(But it's true the the wastepaper basket in my sewing room is the least filled in the house...)

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