Saturday, August 28, 2010

Suggestion box open

My blogger friend June, sent me another package. This time all the way to Japan! June is the long arm quilter who quilted my Orange and Cherry Jubilee quilt for me this summer. When she sent that package back she also included some kitty and doggie fabrics and yesterday's package contained more~!

All together I count 20 kitty fat quarters from June. And I'm sure if I paw around in my drawers I have at least 4 more. That's not counting the doggie fabrics. So. The question is:

What sort of pattern should I make? Any ideas?

I have a feeling I want to make an I SPY type of quilt for my mother... Maybe only the kitty fabrics (but she loves doggies too...) If the fabrics butt up against each other like in the Wicked Easy quilts, I think the cute designs will get lost. How about bordering each square...? Is that called a charm quilt? Or making Bonnie's I Spy a Four Patch? But even that might be too busy... A hexagon quilt? Isn't that hard to make? Probably something that doesn't cut into the fabric very much.

I would really welcome some ideas here since I'd like to make this quilt next (my mom isn't getting any younger).

And June also sent some bright fabrics for my Alabama Beauty (which is unofficially on hold until I get other things done.)

AND June's daughter sent me a beautiful cut of African wax resist fabric. Isn't that a wonderful pattern? That will have to go on the "future quilts" list for now... but it is a shame to hide it away in a drawer...

Patora is pondering the kitty fabric quilt but she hasn't come up with any great ideas yet. Suggestions welcome!

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