Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We had a good evening yesterday with the whole family out for dinner and shopping. Usually shopping gets done in different combinations of participants. Marcy and I go out often and do everything from fabric shopping to groceries. Marcy and Kiana go out for school clothing. Leiya and I go out bargain hunting. Keion and Colin go out looking for sport equipment. Occasionally the pairs will merge into trios or sometimes quartets.

But on all this browsing and spending of money Grandma rarely gets included. Grandma is slow and doesn't like making decisions and none of us want to plod along at her pace. She also doesn't have great balance so walking with Grandma means one of us carries her purse and two of us hold on to her elbows. And then there is the constant reassuring of the whereabouts of her purse that she would really rather carry herself. (Why is it that though there is nothing of necessity in her purse, it weighs a ton?)

Last night ALL seven of us went out for dinner and an evening of shopping. Good dinner out with Colin being insulted because he was offered a child's menu with coloring options on the back. Grandma took advantage of the coloring. Grandma also paid for dinner. Thanks Grandma!

After that Keion went off looking for wheelchairs to borrow and though Grandma fussed about not being that decrepit,

"I am not that decrepit."

she settled in and she and I went in one direction while the rest of the family went in another. Kiana and Leiya did young girl shopping and Grandma and I went looking for a blouse for her.

We had a great time. The many sales sent Grandma into gales of exclamations about how the stores can survive if everything is 60% off. We passed by the old lady blouses for something vibrant and happy and I heard the running comment about how Grandma hadn't been out shopping in ages. And Grandma bought me a t-shirt too. Not a color I would normally choose for myself but she loved the little birdies on it and I must admit that there probably aren't going to be too many times when my mother will be able to choose clothes for me so I accepted her choice and her money graciously.

Met up with the family again and then it was off to Yogurt Land which Grandma thoroughly enjoyed (even though she didn't eat a lot.)

A good family night for all of us.

Don't we look spiffy in our new clothes?!

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