Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mother and daughter

Leiya and I have been able to wear each other's clothes for quite awhile now. Not that we particularly want to but I guess even this morning I've borrowed her sweater. Leiya rarely takes an interest in my clothes just because I'm uncool. And I don't understand her fashion sense with long dragging pant cuffs and tank tops with various straps visible underneath.

This weekend however Leiya wanted me to try on her skinny jeans "because they're so comfortable." I think they feel like someone is strangling my ankles. And while I was struggling to get myself into those she put on my shorts and t-shirt. The first thing I knew she was pulling her shirts and jackets over my head and Grandma was laughing so hard that we had to pose for posterity.

This is entitled Mother and Daughter.

You can see I tried to be authentic with the peace sign fingers and Leiya's sparkly sandals. Leiya threw in a few props too that she thought best represent me. Reading glasses perched on my nose, my big ol' handbag and a pedometer on my belt. (What, no cat and sewing machine?) Look at that smirk on her face. Do I really look like that?

I am usually a very staid and serious person. Someone must have slipped something into my Starbucks.

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