Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kitty show

More kitty pictures.

While Vel sits outside and enjoys the garden bench, the rest of our kitties are finding the cat house to be a great place to hang out. Mi especially is spending a lot of time out there and the other kitties want to know what's so interesting.

"You're right! That IS interesting. Let me look! Let me look!"

Including me. I went out to see what has all the kitties so enthralled. A tree right off the cat house. Hmmm. And looking more closely... A pigeon! Two pigeons! They don't really look like they have made a nest in there but they've taken up residence in the branches for the past week. They do not seem to be the least disturbed that 4 or 5 cats are watching them at close range and Vel is looking up at them from the bench. I guess they know that none of these cats can get them.

One pigeon stays silently in the branches but the other flits back and forth and teases the cats by alighting on the cat house slats... The cats can't get him there either. What with the cats all meowing which sends Choco to barking, you'd think there is enough noise to send the pigeons away. They have the whole forest behind us to choose from! I feel a little flattered that they chose our tree!

And the cats are very happy.

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