Monday, June 21, 2010

Star Within a Star

Rats. I left the box containing my latest Alabama Beauty block that I wanted to post at Mrs. Furui's house. It is a running joke with my patchwork group that I can't leave Mrs. Furui's house without forgetting something. My sewing box, a quilt, my camera, it's always something. This week it is my 4 Alabama blocks that I was showing (off) to my group.

Before I get back to that I had to make another block of something different. This is called Star Within a Star. I don't remember where I first saw this block but I loved it and saved the instructions to my computer thinking I'd make this someday.

Well, I'm still up in the air about what block to select for the next patchwork group game/block swap. Everyone else is choosing small Lemon Stars or Prairie Stars or something. One lady has chosen a large applique block. One person would like Pineapple blocks. A lot of variety on this game. And you already know that I had been thinking about the Alabama Beauty block but zipped that idea just because it is too much of a challenge. If I asked my friends to make that block for me I might have fewer friends... So I've been browsing the Internet... looking through books... making a few trial blocks myself... If I don't watch out I'm going to have a good start on an Orphan block quilt!!!

Oh yes, and I'd tossed around the idea of making Spools too, right? but I think I'd rather have large blocks that I can point to and say

"This one was made by Mrs. Furui. This one was made by Mrs. Harada... etc."

So I'm playing with the Star Within a Star.

Not too difficult. I could suggest even just making the inner star for anyone who thinks the double star too much of a challenge.

Actually the biggest challenge is going to be writing out the instructions in Japanese for my friends... (Other people can just copy a page from a book...) Maybe I should go back to my Spools...

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