Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Japan celebrates Mother's Day too (people often ask me if Mother's Day is celebrated in the States) and yesterday Tetsu and I went to visit his mother. She is reluctant to go out but I had bought her some undershirts that I hope she'll find utilitarian. I know Tetsu isn't going to go looking in the ladies' section of the store for something for her and I guessed she wouldn't ask the home helper who does shopping for her weekly to buy underclothes. Most of things we buy her she will want returned but she seemed happy to get some fresh things. I hope I picked the right size... I would love to buy her what she really WANTS or NEEDS if she'd just tell me, but she seems to think that unless money is exchanged that she can't ask for help. It is frustrating for Tetsu and me.

We had a nice chat though and reminisced about old times when she got her first vacuum cleaner and washing machine etc. She told tales about sprinkling wet tea leaves over the tatami floor mats and then getting down on her hands and knees DAILY to wipe the mats. She laughed to remember tying the washing machine to the wall because it jumped and "walked" across the room unless tied down.

Tetsu reminded her of the time she worked her fingers raw and red to hand wash our first baby's hospital laundry and how she would shed tears over the towels and sheets covered in Mercurochrome and stains. We have had our differences but I will forever be grateful for the love she showed to me during that very difficult time.

This is a dumb picture of me (taken last year) but you can see that Obaachan has had some trials adjusting to a foreign daughter-in-law!

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