Saturday, May 8, 2010

A morning walk

Tetsu and I just got back from a LONG walk around our area/neighborhood/district. We started out at 6:00 with Choco and did our normal 40 minute route. It is a very nice day so Tetsu suggested that we go home, get some money, stop at the convenience store, and walk to a nearby temple that is famous for its wisteria tree.

That's another 45 minute walk each way but if Tetsu's game then I am too. Here are a couple of the sights.

Japan is famous for its little police boxes that dot the streets and corners in the city. There are also police residences and this is our neighborhood police box/residence. The policeman works at the front desk during the day answering calls, giving directions to lost drivers, acting as a lost and found station. And he also goes out on patrol (sometimes on his bicycle) and sees that the children are getting to and from school safely, collects stolen bicycles that people leave by the wayside, and responds to calls. While he is out his wife carries on life in the house but she is responsible for relaying calls while he is out or taking messages.

Tetsu and I got to the temple but the wisteria wasn't really blooming yet and so we made a detour to the new sports and city office facility built last year. This picture is for Takumi and Leiya so that they can see how things are changing in our area. Tetsu and I ate our convenience store breakfast on the front steps.

And this week has been rice planting week so the farmers and their families are all out with tractors in the flooded fields. We came across a grandma and her grand daughter helping while the menfolk ran their planting combines in the far off field.

Logged 16,751 steps on my pedometer and it is still only 9:00 am. A good way to start the day but we may take a nap before evening...

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