Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pet population

Thursday and I have a semi-free day. Maybe I can go upstairs and sew.

The cats are trying to keep warm. Mi has basically joined the rest of the group and since she seems to have a very passive personality (except with garbage. She LOVES garbage) the other cats leave her alone and she doesn't bother any of them either. When I'm not around or at night she goes into the kitty cage but basically she sits in front of the heaters along with the other cats. I hope I won't be sorry later on for allowing this but shuffling cats was hard work.

Mi's favorite place is on Tetsu's stomach and she is still lavishing all her cuteness and charm onto him. I think cats know with whom and when they need to be "cute" and once they have burrowed into the owners hearts they take on the cool feline personality. Toi used to nuzzle up to us and say

"Aren't I cute? Don't you think I am just wonderful? You wouldn't think of putting me outside would you?"

but nowadays he just ignores us when we call. Typical cat. Mi has taken on the fluttering of eyelashes expression that brings "Ahhh isn't she the sweetest thing?!" remarks from Tetsu and me.

Here is Toi claiming my knitting. That is still in the half-finished stage.

And here is a rare picture of Patora reining over the rest of the household from the top of the refrigerator.

This is Cleo luxuriating in front of the heater.

And you saw Velvet the other day in his cat kotatsu. He's such a hermit.

And Chip and Toi like to explore Mi's cat enclosure (though Mi isn't as fond of it as we'd hoped.)

All the cats are happy today.

Choco feels out numbered.

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